The Association for Higher Awareness Presents The Enlighten Game


The Enlighten Game
Bill Hungerford & Nancy Bragin
Tuesday, February 3, 2015
7:30 PM

For those of you courageous enough, bold enough, curious enough… join us in this great adventure…. the journey to enlightenment. We ask simply that you suspend all judgment, and similar natterings of the lower mind, until you have had the Moment…the one breath of “ah ha” to fully comprehend what this “game” is able to do for you.

The game itself is simple…. but the effects are profound…. in ways you might not fully understand for quite some time…but it matters not…the results will be the same even if your physical brain is not able to grasp it in its entirety. Play on…. anyway.

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The Enlighten Game is a quick and easy guided meditation to raise your level of consciousness (LOC). A few minutes every day will calm your mind/body, give you more clarity, improve your decision-making abilities and create more harmony in your relationships. As your LOC increases, your life gets easier….. there is more flow…. less effort in co-creating your abundant reality. The bonus is that you will also have an impact on the collective global consciousness…. you will help to uplift humanity.

Bill-HungerfordOur speaker, Bill Hungerford holds a business degree from the University of Washington and a MA degree in Human Development from Farley Dickinson University. He is a retired Commander in the US Navy and is also a retired business manager with 31 years in the Telecommunication industry. As a former long time co-president of AHA and a former president of a NJ branch of the Theosophical Society, he has been an ardent student of metaphysics for 35 years. He says his personal crowning achievement is the development of the “Enlighten Game.”

Visit his co-partners web site: for information on available “apps” and the Enlighten Game board or contact


f7baf9f2-ae35-435d-adb2-eea92ec42e2dNancy Bragin is a beautiful, humble soul. A healer and multi-dimensional guide to spirit, please read her website for additional information, projects and awards.

The following is derived directly from her website:

I’m working with those who wish to go beyond human 3-D boundaries and limitations for humanity’s rise to 5-D and higher levels of consciousness, energetics, dimensionality and advanced human AHA-Drawingevolution.

You won’t find any new age mumbo-jumbo here. No healing modalities, no fortune-telling, no channelings, no bringing in light or energy from outside sources, no connecting to Ascended Masters, no teachings or road to enlightenment. There is no light greater than yours. I’m clairvoyant, clairaudient and an empath. I’ll use these gifts to help you go within, bring out and shine your gorgeous light.


The Masonic Temple
39 Maple Street
Morristown, New Jersey
$10 donation at the door.

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