2 Programs Added – The Rose Lecture and Self Calibration Workshop

  The Rose Project Lecture by Dr. Frankie Hutton Wednesday December 2 2015 Formal Program at 7:00 PM Followed by an optional Book Signing and Refreshments Southampton Friends Meeting House Street & Gravel Hill Roads Southampton PA 18966 Enter on Gravel Hill and go up steep driveway to parking lot at top of hill. Presented […]

Theosophical Society Wheaton Presents Dr. Eben Alexander Awakening Consciousness Sound Workshop May 16

PRESS RELEASE  For Release:  Immediately  For more Information email John Cianciosi at events@theosophical.org  Media Inquiries contact Nancy Bragin at nbragin@mac.com Theosophical Society Wheaton Presents Dr. Eben Alexander Cutting Edge Sound Workshop May 16th May 13 2015 Wheaton IL –New York Times best-selling author Eben Alexander MD and brain entrainment pioneer Karen Newell will be offering […]

The Association for Higher Awareness Presents The Enlighten Game

The Enlighten Game Bill Hungerford & Nancy Bragin Tuesday, February 3, 2015 7:30 PM For those of you courageous enough, bold enough, curious enough… join us in this great adventure…. the journey to enlightenment. We ask simply that you suspend all judgment, and similar natterings of the lower mind, until you have had the Moment…the […]

Orpheus with his lute made trees

Orpheus with his lute made trees, And the mountain tops that freeze, Bow themselves, when he did sing: To his music plants and flowers Ever sprung; as sun and showers There had made a lasting spring. Everything that heard him play, Even the billows of the sea, Hung their heads, and then lay by. In […]

World of Illusion

The Passing of Roger Ebert  By Chaz Ebert, his wife  This world is all an elaborate hoax, an illusion. – Roger  We were on our way to a movie screening in December. Roger was having a hard time moving around that morning, and we didn’t know why. It was so strange, because he was totally fine […]

The Awakened Human

“The only thing that matters to any of us is love.” — Russell Brand Comedians. Bill Hickes, George Carlin, Jim Carrey, Russell Brand. Capturing the essence of life with cutting edge wit. Here Russell breaks it down in an open, honest and direct way, capturing an audience that perhaps David Icke eludes, using his work […]

The Power of Vulnerability

This is short and sweet, yet hits you over the head with a ton of bricks. The original video, by the RSA, features the voice of the incredible Dr. Brené Brown and the animation of Katy Davis (aka Gobblynne). These excerpts are from Brown’s full-length speech “The Power of Vulnerability.” Want to see more? Check […]

166 Documentaries To Expand Your Consciousness

1. Home (2009) 2. Thrive (2011) 3. Paradise or Oblivion (2012) 4. Love, Reality and the Time of Transition (2011) 5. Earthlings (2005) 6. Everything You Know Is Wrong (2000) 7. Zeitgeist: Addendum (2008) 8. Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (2011) 9. The Money Fix (2009) 10. The Wikileaks Documentary (2010) 11. Owned & Operated (2012) 12. […]