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Hello.  We are creatively driven professionals

in the industry formerly known as advertising.



“A good ad should be like a good sermon: It must not only comfort the afflicted, it also must afflict the comfortable.” ~ Bernice Fitz-Gibbon

Our aim is simple.  We want to help you do something better than you would have done without us.

Having done some of the most iconic work in the industry, we bring our experience into the new paradigm.

TV, video, radio, print, social & new media, branding, public relations  — we’ve spent our 

careers connecting brands and consumers in innovative ways.

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The perceptions, beliefs, mindsets and values we hold right now are a result of the new consciousness we are operating in, breaking away from old outdated belief systems and attitudes.   In the old way, advertising usually programmed people to want.  

That said, this is the most incredible time to be an ad agency — precisely because the definition of it is changing — it has to if we are to survive.   2014 is very quickly showing us all that change — real, substantial change in structure, process, approach, thinking, execution, and compensation, is required.  Or else.  And we move really fast, really well. 

It no longer works to speak to client needs from the old channel-agnostic p.o.v.  We focus instead on the audience — their needs, habits, requests, lifestyles — overlay that with the most appropriate tools for the job — and then execute with creativity and transparency.   And because we’re experts in retail  we’re open to revising the mix at a moment’s notice.  

There is no “little thing” in the new media/communications mix anymore.   The littlest things can be the ones that bring an audience closer to a brand than any old media-dependent execution could.

agency-b is inspired, creative, and unshakable.  Add this to our hyper-ultra-uber-flexibility and agility, and you have the magic formula for moving forward in The New Age.

We’re redefining the word advertising.  The possibilities for success are wide open for our clients.

We produce work that is benefit and value driven — products and ideas that make your day easier and usually save you some money.  We only take on clients that share this philosophy.  And we really get excited about awesome causes and our pro-bono work, because that’s where we really shine.

Here’s to thriving in change. It’s a new dawn, a new day.   The global village is waiting for your message. 

Let’s get this party started.

agency-b.  Professionals in the industry formerly known as advertising.  


Video – this is how we do it.



Bryn Gweled Homesteads Hill of Vision

An Independent 56-minute Documentary
Intended for National PBS Broadcast and DVD Distribution

Produced by agency-b Productions
Executive Producer: Nancy Bragin


We are in production, filming and documenting Bryn Gweled, a community in the truest sense. Bryn Gweled is made up of a diverse group of people who share a vision of a way of life. The name itself Bryn Gweled means Hill of Vision. They’re an intentional community of folks young and old, who have chosen to live together on a wooded oasis and work cooperatively to maintain the place they call home. BG is home to about 75 families who collectively own the property. The beautiful Bucks County woods are a habitat for foxes, owls, deer, hawks, and many other species of animal and plant life.

The film will present a realistic experience of seeking out and living as part of a sustainable community. This transition is only possible by reaching within to discover what each of us can do to ensure a sustainable future for the planet and its present and future inhabitants. Bryn Gweled has done this, and done it well.


Estimated Completion Winter 2014.

Production website & blog:

Peter & Gordon Reunion DVD –

 Live at Casino Rama

It was 2006.  British Invasion icons Peter & Gordon got together and performed at BB King’s in New York – a fundraiser for Mike Smith, lead singer of the Dave Clark Five who was paralysed after a fall at his home in Spain.  They raised a lot of money.  And they sounded good – real good.  Peter & Gordon toured for a while at select venues, then decided to produce a video of their legendary reunion shot over two days at Casino Rama outside of Toronto, Canada.  Lucky agency-b.  We were selected to record this piece of history.

Video is in post-production and seeking distribution.


Music Videos

Shot at Rich Muller’s farm, Bryn Gweled, and other locations in Southampton PA. Directed by Nancy Bragin. Storyboard characters: CoCo Brewer & Tucker Hill; bellydancer Scotlyn Brewer. Friends include Rich Muller, Karla Meise, Marcos Meise, Becky Parfitt, Sue Diamond Lethridge, Kathy Mittura, Julia Markovitz, Greg Campisi, Barry Bragin, Diane McGowan, Denise Jervis, Billy Dominick, & Alerion the cockatoo.

High On Love was recorded by Kyf and mixed & by Cliff Hillis. Video editing by Tommy McCaffrey. First Camera: Brian Michalski. Second Camera: Ross Brodsky. Assistant Camera: David Powell III. Additional camerawork by Scotlyn Brewer & Tom McCaffrey. Still Photographer: Susan Keen. Production Assistants: Allie Swartz, Tyler Farrell, Andrew Burgh.

A&R Digital Design

CD Cover, promotion, A&R project for Brian Ray’s

Under The Sun Release

under the sun




5 thoughts on “agency-b

  1. Peter & Gordon Reunion DVD – Live at Casino Rama. Fantastic concept, and perfect timing considering the 50th anniversary of the British Invasion…. can’t wait for the DVD! Watched their show on Saturday, February 28, 2009, just months prior to the unfortunate passing on Mr. Gordon Waller. Great performance even considering Gordon was ill at the time. Hope the DVD is released soon.


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