many candles

The souls of people, on their way to Earth-life, pass through a room full of lights; each takes a taper – often only a spark – to guide it in the dim country of this world.
But some souls, by rare fortune, are detained longer – have time to grasp a handful of tapers, which they weave into a torch. These are the torch-bearers of humanity, its poets, seers, and saints, who lift and lead the race out of darkness, toward the light.
They are the Law-givers and Saviours, the Light-bringers, Way-showers, and Truth-tellers, and without them humanity would lose its way in the dark..



Intuitive Wellness Sessions

We all have an amazing power to heal ourselves… it’s the power of Source Energy and is our birthright. With a specific question or intention in mind, receive intuitive guidance to go deep and open up to the wisdom and energy of The Antar-Guru, The Teacher Inside. Journey within on a specific topic of concern and by tracking, go deeper and identify negative implants that trigger causes and patterns of dis-ease. Insights are shared and interpreted. This is powerful journeying that may help with abuse issues, stagnant energy, life-path direction, depression, chronic dis-ease states and illnesses.



Awaken The Healer Within; A Third Eye Inner Vision Workshop


We’ll be getting in touch with the Antar-Guru, The Teacher Inside & the 10th Gate

In Sanskrit the third eye has lots of names. One is jnana-chaksu – the eye of wisdom. Another is the antar-guru or the teacher inside. Yet another name is ajna chakra, which literally means command center – for the life force known as chi, or the etheric body in the subtle bodies model of theosophy. The Upanishads tell us we have 10 gates to the body. 9 of these gates lead to the outside physical world. The 10th Gate is where it’s at: the third eye, portal to inner realms. It puts us in touch with non-physical realities and high realms of consciousness that are inaccessible to the ordinary senses; it’s a non-physical center that we can all access.

What you won’t learn in this workshop is a technique or modality to force open the third eye or to raise kundalini. Madame Blavatsky warned of the dangers of manipulating the third eye and forcing kundalini before it occurs as a natural progression of expanded consciousness. Trying to reach spiritual heights without dealing with emotional complications and limiting beliefs is like trying to row a boat with the anchor down, and it’s downright dangerous delving into psychic realms that you are not equipped to enter.

The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single,

thy whole body shall be full of light. ~ Matthew 6:22

What you will experience in this workshop is of the Spiritual Realm -how to cultivate the third eye center bringing deeper intuition, a knowing of what’s behind superficial physical appearances. You’ll get to know The Healer Within. A common experience is there’s is a direct effect on the energy body, working like a form of self-acupuncture. Many find that by cultivating the third eye all kinds of health problems improve.

In this Workshop is a 20-Minute Guided Meditation

The third eye is traditionally used for meditation because of its properties of internalization. Bringing awareness to the third eye in meditation allows you to move inwards towards Source. During this workshop you’ll experience a guided meditation, a journey to the inside. If you have a particular part of your body that has been giving you pain or difficulty, you can make that your destination. Or maybe you would like to allow your body to decide what is for The Highest Good. Our bodies are much smarter than we give them credit for.

We all have an amazing power to heal ourselves, overcome obstacles and reach our fullest potential. This is the power of Spirit, this is our birthright. Our third eye guides us there and through this wisdom, we have the capacity to transform our life.

The guru is you.


13 thoughts on “Services

  1. I had no idea you did all of this. I am not in the least surprised, just admiring. You are bringing about such change in so many people and they in turn pass it on. What a legacy. With Love.


  2. Dearest Nancy and Bill, I would like to play the Enlightment Game. The next time you open up this game, please include me. I would like to have the calibrations. Thank you. Gretel Rogers


  3. Hello, what does it cost to have my level calibrated? I am interested and have started the enlighten game. Chuck Frank told me about your work and I love Power v Force.


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