They call me snow

Softness now stillness sparkles gremlins play devas nod welcome birds flutter earth worms stir tree spirits peek then come out for a whirl their familiars smile as the wind cries shall we dance? Photographed in Southampton, Bucks County Pennsylvania on  December 8th & 10th 2013 by Nancy Bragin.

Higher Consciousness Through Meditation Exclusive Event

Join us this Wednesday evening November 6th at 7:30 PM in Southampton PA for an exclusive event with Modern Mystic and Author Don Hoes. Sponsored by the Theosophical Society Abraxas Lodge. All are welcome, never a fee.

High On Love Official Music Video Release

High on Love, the offical music video, has just been released! Thanks to everyone who came out & contributed. Stay high on love, and imagine peace. Nancy Shot at Rich Muller’s farm, Bryn Gweled, and other locations in Southampton PA.  Directed & produced by Nancy Bragin agency-b.  Storyboard characters:  CoCo Brewer & Tucker Hill; bellydancer […]