Stay angry humans. But whatever you do, don’t look behind the curtain.

Beto feeds Guatemalan babies; Ted eats them. Breitbart reports Stacey Abrams is Oprah and Obama’s love child.  Sting video entitled Night of the Living Dems captures George Soros and MasterCard partnering to send millions of dollars to Haiti Voodoo Mambo Asogwes to raise Mexican zombies from the dead and send them to polling places throughout the […]

Mark Twain Plays With Electricity in Nikola Tesla’s Lab

You’ll get a charge out this picture taken a very long time ago yet reminiscent of current photo studies. It captures Mark Twain tinkering in the laboratory of the great inventor, Nikola Tesla. According to the University of Virginia, the photo was taken in the spring of 1894, when Century Magazine published an article called […]