Headed Towards The Sun

Well, I dreamed I saw the knights in armor coming…

Philadelphia PA — It was National Nurses Day 2020.  Dark, dreary, cold and raining. Broad and Olney, normally bustling, looked like a ghost town. Deserted.  I had the quarantine blues in this strange new land.  Soldier up, get over yourself. We were on a mission for the Theosophical Order of Service and the Theosophical IMG_8756 (1)Society Abraxas Lodge, delivering 60 hot vegetarian meals and homemade cookies to Einstein Medical Center’s frontline heroes. The TOS is doing this all over the country with their Meals for Emergency Workers Program, because that’s how they roll. These warriors are handling a heavy load at Einstein in North Philly, one of the hardest hit hospitals in the city. So brave. Kind. Dedicated. On the frontline heading off the beast.


We pulled up to the hospital. The lobby was dark, empty, yellow tape blocking the entrance. No one was around except for three security guards. I thought about what must be going on inside, a war zone. Harry arrived in full-out Jedi mode and we sprung into action. It felt good. Standing far apart and wearing masks, we looked like we were in a Quentin Tarantino film.



And the sun burst through the sky…



One of the guards grinned, came over and helped us load up the cart. Einstein staff came out to greet us, smiling and laughing and we took photos. Don’t stand too close.  Pull up your mask.  They showed us “The Einstein Quarantine Greeting” of tapping toes, then waved good-bye and went in with the goodies and a whole lot of love and gratitude. The Action News van pulled up and caught us in action, then aired the the evidence on the ABC-6 11:00 News.            

Caught on tape.IMG_8770 (1)



We sighed, resisting the urge to hug it out. Can’t do that. I sat there for a moment thinking about how, when we finally emerge from this, nothing would ever be the same again.  I was okay with that.



Flying Mother Nature’s silver seed to a new home in the sun.


Lyrics Neil Young, from After The Goldrush



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