Another reason why The Dalai Lama rocks


Visitors from other galaxies same sentient beings… I would greet them the same, then I would shake their hand (if they had hands.) ~  His Holiness The Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama has developed his philosophy of peace from a great reverence for all things living based on the concept of universal responsibility embracing nature and all of mankind. This video takes it to a new Galactic level.
He uses “visitors from beyond earth” as an example of how we might fear beings perceived as  being “different from us.”  His Holiness says he would greet them the same, that he would shake their hand (if they had hands.)

While he didn’t say that the Galactics are here, he did make a point to leave the clear impression that they are our brothers and sisters, and when we cultivate our compassion and commit to remembering that each of us are related through our divine spark, we will eliminate fear; eliminating fear means eliminating the use of aggression, bullying, exploitation, and desire to harm others –  others meaning all sentient beings.

While it may not be the grand disclosure that so many of us would like to see, it’s quite remarkable to hear such a beautiful soul openly include cultivating compassion for visitors beyond earth.

This is the kind of seed that HHDL can plant easily given his large platform to hasten the change in human attitudes regarding universal brotherhood including the Galactics.

Just another reason why The Dalai Lama rocks.

One thought on “Another reason why The Dalai Lama rocks

  1. It would be nice if humans were compassionate;loving;peaceful;BUT THAT IS NOT THE CASE~!!!~ Christ is alive in flesh and has been for many years…since 1985 he has tried and tried again to manifest true door ;heaven above; and on earth~~~ Humans have crucified him in so many ways…. Who would ever have thought humans would do such??? Ill tell you who are or were the seers~~~~HP Lovecraft who died on Christ birthday even living on 66th st. the yr he was born~~Call of Cthulhu~~Christ is Cthulhu~~~How bout Jean Cocteau in his 1946 Beauty & the Beast~~a hint the Beast is Christ the Beauty is Queen who holds the key to true door~~~why does she say in movie she is the beast? Pierce and The Boggy creek monster is a perfect realization of Christ being hunted by a bunch of idiots and his 2nd movie which surfaced 1985 which starts at Razorback staduim which is exact location above entitys told Christ who he was in yes 1985!(see doctrine & cov.130 by j. smith where he asks god when will christ appear) Watch David Bowie in The man who fell to earth & any of Bowies videos where he plays Christ(ashes to ashes should give you an idea of christs mom of her son ~~~Watch The man from Earth also~~~ohhhh and did you know christ and adam are same entity? Lillith is mom to his kids but wait what has she done? Watch Blowup 1966 movie! Anyways if you happen to meet a human in flesh who claims to be from Heaven please dont treat him as a monster!!!


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