Human Technology Instructions: The Laboratory of LOVE

Hillary Raimo


Ether is the primary and most subtly pervasive manifestation of the Divine substance. Out of it unfolds, in the evolution of the Universe, all other elements, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Together, therefore, Sound and Ether signify the first, truth-pregnant moment of creation, the productive energy of the Absolute, in its pristine, cosmogenetic strength.


alchemical marriage hieros gamos eclipse solar eclipse lunar eclipse


It is necessary to remove all obstacles for this kind of regeneration of the worlds. For there will be many that arise for the occasion. Solid and true in their validity. The Gods knew this was an important step in containing and maintaining the truth of Creation.

ganesh ganesh

Once apon a time….

The gods, under the leadership of Brahma, had taken refuge in Vishnu and Shiva. They had described the case of the victorious demon and implored the assistance of the twofold All Highest. Vishnu and Shiva swelled their wrath. The other divinities also, swelling with…

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