Torchbearers: The Extraordinary Women of Theosophy


Women’s Suffrage Dutch Poster 1918

March is International Womens Month

 We come into the world on the shoulders of those who came before us,  from Blavatsky and Besant to lesser known  powerhouses in their own right, women theosophists who quietly shaped our world and changed the course of history.  They fought for the rights of all, a world  free of discrimination and stereotypes while refusing to be locked into the roles dictated by society.  They raised children, but they also raised hell and broke free of conventions.  During International Womens Month let’s honor The Grand Dames of Theosophy. – Nancy Patterson Bragin

The following article by Nancy Bragin  originally appeared in the Winter 2015 issue of The Theosophical Order of Service USA publication, For the Love of Life.



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