Code Blue Weather Alert Emergency Hotlines

Tuesday Afternoon Philly Outreach

Code Blue Weather Alert

Code Blue in Philly with 6000 homeless on the streets. Call 215-232-1984 if you see a homeless person in need of help – many emergency emergency shelters have been open and transportation is available.

In Bucks County the Homeless Hotline is 215-550-3578 staffed by the Bucks County Coalition to Shelter & Support the Homeless. Transportation is available and shelter locations listed on their website:
UESF Vet Outreach provides immediate assistance to veterans that are homeless or struggling to survive. Call the Vet Hotline at 215-814-6888 if you know of someone who served and is in need of help.
Bring pets inside. If you see an animal out in the cold call the Philly ACT Hotline at 267-385-3800. A new Philadelphia ordinance calls for fines of up to $500 for pet owners who leave their animals out in the cold.
In this frigid weather it’s important to feed the critters…

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