2014 I bow down

one love

“One word frees us of all the weight and pain in life. That word is Love.” – Sophocles

Sure, there was a lot of sorrow, hatred and fear in 2014. It was the catalyst that brought forth unprecedented global change, causing many to open their eyes and spring forth into action saying, “We’re not going to live like this any more.” I looked out at the world and saw war; this made me dive deep within and deal with my own personal battlefield.  It wasn’t wrapped up in pretty ribbons and bows.  Yet the greatest gift of this past year was awareness of what is real, what matters – being alive right here, right now…  the gift of unspeakable love.

2014 is a living breathing entity.   So let’s take a moment for a toast, for gratitude and props.  Let us honor it by pledging to carry on this legacy into the new year and beyond.

2015 is already divine perfection by Thy grace,  and in the knowing that we are one heart, one song… and that we are, one love.

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