Saturday November 15th – Cutting-Edge Healing Expo in Warrington Bucks County


We all have healing to do – physically, mentally, and emotionally. I like to think of healing as self realization – being fully present now as a self-realized divine being of light. In this complete state of being, there is no illness, there is no dis-ease. And it’s not just healing on a personal level… it’s about healing as a society – for we all know that our thoughts alone have the power to shift the collective consciousness to the tipping point.


With so many holistic options popping up lately, how can we keep track, and how can we experience these different types of healing without spending a lot of money?

Simple… join us this this coming Saturday for an extraordinary day of cutting-edge holistic options ranging from energy healing to bliss coaching to sound healing and meditation – even the power of laughter.

I was blown away last year at the Expo – peeps came together, shared, laughed, supported each other, met up with old friends and made new ones. We are being guided to come together at this crucial time of the dawning of this New Era in Consciousness to create self-sustaining communities that thrive in The New Way, for the old is crumbling before our eyes.

The Healing Expo is how we do it!


Whoa – The Expo is the only place around here where you can experience cutting-edge Biophoton Light Therapy with The Chiren™


At a retreat about six years ago I was first introduced to biontology and it’s applications – and it blew me away. The Chiren is cutting-edge light therapy designed with heart intelligence that carries information through light – the very basis and source of our being.  e0a5ad39756461931bce6f248676631c

Biontology is a holistic approach in union with the body, mind, spirit and soul, bringing 60% of disturbances back into balance – to zero point, according to Johan Boswinkel, Chiren inventor.

In a session my friend Maureen Groetsch measures meridian points in the hands and feet to find where your body is saying it’s feeling disturbances. The biofeedback that is given from the light emitted in the cells of your body then determines homeopathic remedies that will support your body in recalibrating disturbances back to a zero-point balanced state. According to Maureen, it’s your body’s own intelligence that’s at work here, giving and receiving information … there’s a beautiful synergy of information being carried through light, as homeopathic remedies are then administered through a light transmission. How cool is that?

Maureen is the only Biontologist in this area with A Chiren so stop by, say hi to Maureen and take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity.

But that’s not all you can do, there’s more –
Bring your coats and warm clothing to The Expo on Saturday
and donate them to our
Tuesday Afternoon Philly Outreach Coat Drive!

got coats


For more information on how you can help this winter go to

Come and join us this Saturday from 10 AM to 5 PM – 6:00 if you stay for the Gong Meditation and I highly recommend it. The Expo is free to enter, there are lectures on Healing Arts, day passes to the Group Sessions for only $10, and get 20 minute sessions for as little as $10. Enjoy healthy food options and explore our vendor tables for treasures.


For more information, bios, schedule, and advanced booking for your healings visit

See you soon at one of my favorite events of the year – and I’m not talking turkey.


healing expo

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