Free Art of Healing Event – This Wednesday in Southampton Bucks County

Don Hoes Sept

For Release:  Immediately August 23, 2014

For More Information or to reserve space:


He’s Back! Don Hoes returns with The Art of Healing Part II

Connecting to the Superflow

Wednesday September 3rd 7:00 to 9:30 PM

Theosophical Society of America Abraxas Lodge at

Southampton Friends Meeting House

710 Gravel Hill Road (Corner of Street & Gravel Hill) Southampton, PA 18966

Go up the steep driveway to the top of the hill. Free parking in lot.

Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ The first taste of bliss comes when we experience the Inner Light and Sound. This is not a ‘physical’ light and sound produced by electricity or physical waves of light in this world. The Inner Light and Sound are emanations flowing from the power of God and made of the same essence of God. God is an ocean of all consciousness and bliss. The soul is made of that same essence. The Light and Sound are of the same essence. When the soul gets a taste of its essential nature, it experiences more love, consciousness and bliss. ~ Sant Rajinder Singh

Abraxas Lodge is hosting a dynamic event this Wednesday evening as Don Hoes returns with Part II of one of the most powerful and vital topics of our shifting times –
“The Art of Healing – Connecting to the Superflow.” We had a full crowd for Part I in July, so reserve your seat now. We’ll be taking orders for the CD from that evening’s presentation, out in about two weeks.

Healers working with all kinds of holistic modalities, energy workers, intuitive healers and those that are attracted to the healing arts for personal reasons will all resonate with – and greatly benefit from this ground-breaking work.

I was introduced to Don a few years ago and he deeply resonated – his mystic and eastern philosophy that is the culmination of over 40 years of study, a series of NDE’s or ALE’s, decades dedicated to meditation and intense study with mystics and the great and true saints or “sants” of the east who know that belief is only one-half of the healing process.

But the main thing about Don that appeals to me is – Don always directs you to look within for the answers, and reminds us that we are not the doer.

I chose this photo for Don’s flyer because it speaks volumes and is perfectly indicative of his teachings. The hand is not “doing” anything – light & sound come from within, and manifest outward as a powerful healing force. This photo also reminds me of a workshop & meditation I hosted for Don at my home last year. We were in deep meditation on a sunny Sunday afternoon when the room grew dark as night, a flash of lightening struck (we could see it out the side window) and we heard loud, booming thunder that rumbled the floors. The next morning I went out back and saw that a tree was down, struck by lighting. Ask Don about this on Wednesday, and I’m sure he’ll explain with a twinkle in his eyes. The exact same thing happened in July at Part I of this series of talks when Don was explaining “You don’t respond to nature, weather is responding to our human energy.”

Have you wondered why healing takes place sometimes, and other times nothing happens? Most western methods of healing use exertion. Higher vibrating practices are of a non-exertive nature, as confirmed by Dr. David R. Hawkins in “Power vs. Force.” On Wednesday evening Don will discuss barriers and impediments to healing, and how to overcome them. Join us and learn about Karma, the Chakras and the currents that run through the physical body and higher vibrating bodies of light. The evening will conclude with a discussion on Cognitive Dissonance, a meditation on inner light frequencies that have been the eternal panacea for all human ills since the beginning of time, and a longer question & answer period so come prepared to take notes and ask questions. Now that’s what I’m talking about! There is no charge for this event or the meditation sitting. The Meeting House only holds about 75 people so please contact me to reserve your seat before it’s full.

Join us for an extraordinary evening – and leave with a sense that healing has taken place within you,

in peace and love.

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Theosophical Society of America Abraxas Lodge is dedicated to promoting the unity of humanity, to foster religious and racial understanding by encouraging the study of religion, philosophy and science, and to further the discovery of the spiritual aspect of life and of human beings. Join us for meditation, study or guest speakers every Wednesday evening 7 to 9 PM. Never a fee. All cordially welcomed, donations gratefully accepted to defer rental expenses.

One thought on “Free Art of Healing Event – This Wednesday in Southampton Bucks County

  1. Hi Nancy, I will not be able to attend. Please reserve me a CD and let me know the price and I’ll send you the money on Pay Pal. You are doing great work! Much love, . Bill Hungerford


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