Axel Erlandson, the true “shepherd of the trees.”

Playing in the World Game

Treebeard would have split his bark with envy.

Axel Erlandsen

Erlandson sitting on a natural chair crafted out of trees.

Swedish-American farmer Axel Erlandson had a way of coaxing trees to do the most astonishing things, was highly secretive about his methods, and took his secrets to the grave. His trees were originally exhibited at his Tree Circus, and many were moved to Gilroy Gardens where they can be seen today.


The “two-leg tree”


Needle-and-thread tree

DCF 1.0

The Basket Tree


The Cube Tree


Hook and Eye


Another Cube Tree


Squared Circle



It’s a shame these techniques were lost.  It would have been wonderful had Erlandson been able to pass his work down to the next generation. But as long as his trees live, others will be able to marvel at his skill.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

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