New Beginnings Begin with Expert Thrust

Designed by a specialist. This synchronistic world was.

Hillary Raimo

I lied to myself and said it was the end, so I could let go completely and test myself. Perhaps that is what the snake does when it eats its own tail. Resurrection is a process of regenerating the old into something new. This birthing process is indeed that act of creation. No part is without function. Perfectly encircled.


God that was beautiful she said as they first met, head meet tail. I met myself coming and going in every space. Did I accept myself as God? or something else? That is between me and God. Sometimes we are offered great treasures, they land in our lap. Like when our flight gets cancelled by the divine Universe. We have a choice to embrace it as a gift and honor that time as holy ground. Will you accept the walk about? or will you skip out? When someone knows when theseā€¦

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