How could anyone say we are not one?

Twenty five cows experience true freedom for the first time as they are released from the dark barn they’ve known their whole lives and head for open pasture. The hop, they skip, they run and play… and it’s just one of the most heart-warming videos ever.

These cows were destined for the slaughterhouse after the dairy farm they were at was forced to shut down for economic reasons. Some of the people who knew these gentle creatures couldn’t bear the thought of that, so they started a foundation just to save them.

The foundation, called Kuhrettung Rhein-Berg, is based in Germany. Their website has lots more information (which is in German, but Google Translate saved the day there.) Turns out the way they are supporting these cows is by having people “sponsor” them. There are tons of cute pictures on the site of each one, and how close they are to being fully sponsored.

How could anyone say we are not one?

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