Catching a ray

Awe is just a word to denote a quality of spirituality that cannot be described. It’s a noble emotion of wonder. It’s having your mind blown while getting a glimmer of the unfathomableness of God. It’s getting an understanding of who you are, individually and in the larger scheme of things. It’s catching a ray of knowing the answer to where you come from and where you are going. Getting closer to the answers of these questions is receiving a peek of how exalted things are. And it’s a promise of what can come.

If you believe that you feel awe, even if you’re not really sure, just concentrate on it. Awe is an evolving feeling that becomes more profound and more full of wonder as your spirituality becomes focused and mature. The answers, as inarticulate as they may be, grow with the gathering of your spirituality. For now, feel awe if you have any deepening convictions about your spirituality. These convictions may be that you can come to know yourself, that there is an eternal power that is the All-Knowing Creative Power, that you’ve had an inkling that you can come to know God. Whatever convictions come now, love them, and when you ponder these questions, let yourself move with the awe. — Michael Goddart

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