Complete List of Calibrations

Complete List of Calibrations



The first doubt block to be overcome is the startling discovery that the truth about anything whatsoever is readily available in a few seconds just for the asking. The normal response to this is disbelief, followed by paradigm shock, but then, curiosity pervails. The whole universe awaits discovery on a new level of understanding, out of which arise compassion and wisdom.”

~David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

3 thoughts on “Complete List of Calibrations

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  2. Thank you for this comprehensive list of calibrations according to Dr. Hawkins.
    I had to read the passage several times as it was unclear to me, is the Om at 740 and the Aum st 65? And the New Testament and Koran also at 65 or 740? Also, from your experience when you do your own testing, do calibrations change? Thank you–Joy
    “740 The mantra Om, as opposed to Aum, which is a serious alternation and is why it calibrates at the extremely low-level of 65. This is also the level of the New Testament, if the Book of Revelations is included. This is also the level of Mohamed at the time he wrote the Koran, before dropping to 130 after he ‘took up the sword’ at age 38. ‘I’ is seen as a total statement As the Ultimate Reality.”


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