This Revolution Will be Televised

I’m not against anything, really. It keeps one in the strangle-hold of the vibration of what they are resisting. I am passionate about the shift – the world is changing, and I’m part of the transition team. The old way built on duality and fear is crumbling; we’re building a new world on a foundation of oneness. I’m going within for my authentic truth and living it. Join me?

969716_10151480010838505_898507768_nThe March Against Monsanto was started by a handful of millenials with a passion for change, a passion that we all have within us. Many people make the mistake of looking for someone to make change for them when the real change in this world comes from within. The top-down approach for making the world a better place, i.e. electing politicians to do our bidding has come and gone, with little success. There’s a revolution happening right before our eyes. The rules of change, of activism, of consciousness, and of helping people are being rewritten by you and me, one connection at a time. The new revolution of is coming from the grass-roots and making its way upward; this bottom-up effect is exactly what those who would like to see us silent are afraid of.

This new way of media and activism cannot be controlled by the likes of corporations or governments.

The mainstream media controls 95% of the information that we see, from television to newspapers, to magazines. This was the top-down technique, where you had no choice but to consume what was being served, making for a fickle population that was manipulated by commercials, and where money made the major difference between a bill passing or failing, and a politician being elected or losing.

The new media is a media of choice, where people can choose to get information on any subject. What does this mean? This means that a person that participates in the new media is more passionate, better informed, in turn a much more valuable asset to a social movement. These people are well versed in the information, founded in fact, and immune to the manipulation of a mainstream media establishment that is 90% owned by 6 monopolistic corporations. Us new activists are warriors for truth and justice, and for those currently controlling the agenda, this is a scary situation. Too bad.

Government and corporations are ingrained into the establishment; they’re comfortable in their positions. This will be their downfall. History and science have shown that the comfortable devolve and the oppressed evolve; struggle is the essence of innovation and of change.

The March Against Monsanto has grown into a full blown movement and the people that started it wouldn’t be able to stop if they wanted. The people have taken over the March, the decentralization has come in a natural way, an intuitive way. Movements can no longer be over-centralized, as over-centralization is detrimental to any organization or institution.

The new paradigm which is forming will be driven by people who care, not people who care for power.    283922_265836586767229_153088704708685_1250779_7815711_n_2-1

The old idea of inorganic manipulation has fallen to the side in favor of this new movement of information, this new Revolution. Information is spreading in grass-roots, open source fashion, all the old rules are being thrown out. About time.

The Revolution is just beginning. We’ve got the new Indigos and gifted children coming in already wired, leading the charge. They can’t be stopped. This movement has awakened a very large group of people that care about their food supply and care about other people’s food supply, standing as one. These courageous marchers have put aside all of their political and ideological differences to stand in solidarity for what is right.

How do we carry on this March Against Monsanto, this new food revolution pass the 25th?

Capture the momentum of this movement and harness it at the local level. Keep your local march network alive and growing. Each event page for each local city is full of great contacts, activists, and people that care. Compile these lists, make email lists, start a newsletter, make a local Facebook page and keep the pressure on to continue this fight. Pass around signup sheets at your local marches to collect emails.

Monsanto is not going away without a fight; they’ve been around for over 100 years and deeply entrenched in the political establishment of both parties.

After the March we can all take real steps to improve our food fate locally. Remember that people on a low or fixed income don’t have a choice to eat organic with their given incomes.

It’s not enough to simply tell people to eat organic, or vote for initiatives that will label GMOs. The very first thing we can do is plant our own garden. If you have the space, plant a garden larger than what you need to feed your family and help someone that is less fortunate with some fresh homegrown food. What if you don’t have a yard to plant in? Grow indoors. There is a growing industry of indoor gardeners that are starting to
change the way we think about gardening through the use of hydroponics . You should be able to find a local hydroponics store near you and get it all set up and growing food for a couple hundred dollars. What if you don’t have a yard and growing indoors in not an option for you? At this point we need to look to our fellow local activists from the March Against Monsanto.

There’s a great new phone app created by the people that tells you the source of your food, and who is funding it.

Community gardens are a great way to bring in a fresh and organic food source into an urban area. Find a plot of land that is vacant or belongs to the local city, find out who is on charge of it and get the ball rolling on starting a community garden. Enlist some people that you have met though the march to help you physically, technically, and financially.

Share cropping is a way of getting some space to grow a garden that you can secure for free or a very low cost. Many urban sharecroppers will offer free food from the garden to the land owner in exchange for offering them some space to grow a garden. Share cropping is just like a community garden on a smaller scale. If you live in an area where there are many small yards with space available, think about setting up a sharecropping co-op where food can be traded and shared for little or no money.

Look into new technologies and techniques when setting up your new gardens. Vertical gardening is great way to maximize limited space a make your garden virtually maintenance free. There’s an ancient technique of hydroponics that is just being rediscovered and developed: aquaponics.
Aquaponics is arguably the most efficient way to grow organic vegetables…and edible fish at the same time. This technique has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years, but new attention is being brought to aquaponics because of its efficiency and ability to grow both edible fish and vegetation. A Wisconsin man was able to grow over one million pounds of food in one year by utilizing these new and innovative growing techniques.

There are many forms of activism that we can use to improve our food fate and continue the food revolution. The March Against Monsanto is a perfect example of a mass movement that disseminates information to millions of people, awakening the masses to the injustices of the world. Activism can be done on a much smaller scale and many different ways. The networks are being rebuilt in a new, more just way. Utilize your new local network of activists to keep pressure on local politicians and hold them to their promises. Organize mass emailing and mass calling to their offices when a critical vote is about to be made. Let them hear your voice amplified by your entire network. Build relationships with other activists from other causes, reach out to other interests and help support them, and they will support you.

Spreading awareness is key to the food revolution; many people don’t know what GMOs are, let alone know the negative effects on their health and environment that they cause.

Support alternative media. This is our voice.

Remember seeing the warnings about the dangers of the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ on MSNBC and FOX News before it became a law? Me neither. That’s because there was no warning from the mainstream media; in fact very few have even covered it to this day. We did find out about this bill when it was only a proposal from multiple reports by independent journalists. The pattern from the mainstream is a dangerous one.

Comedians such as Russell Brand and Jim Carey have become the only mainstream media sources that are willing to challenge the establishment’s political and economic might. Yet pundits like Jon Stewart who have been shown in polls to be more trusted for news than some major news outlets only bring light to these harmful pieces of legislation after they are already passed into law. This is why supporting and finding alternative news sources is so important. We can all support independent journalists on sites like that aggregate news from many diverse sources.

The mainstream media has major interests in other industries, including military adventurism and yes you guessed it, GMOs. In a court ruling in 2003, it was determined that news companies can legally lie to their viewers and readers. The case was brought about when two FOX News journalists tried to publish a report about the negative health effects of Monsanto’s bovine growth hormone (BGH) and were subsequently fired when they refused to censor their story to fit FOX’s agenda. Supporting alternative media is key in decentralizing our supply of unbiased information and getting news from sources that do not have billion-dollar agendas, finding like-minded activists, and keeping the pressure on politicians who seek to only enrich themselves and their corporate lackeys.

Please make sure to RSVP to your local March Against Monsanto On May 25th and invite all of your local friends at the link below. We are making history, but every single invite and extra person that comes out will make the difference!

There are over 400 events in over 45 countries setup for May 25th – find yours here:

On May 25 2013 at 2 PM I will be at the cradle of liberty, Independence Hall in Philadelphia with thousands, and joining together with millions world-wide as one,  as we change the world and shift into a new dawn, a new day.

Join us. This revolution will be televised.

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